Mahajoth Expresses Unhappy Over Police Administration

KOKRAJHAR, APRIL 7:  The Congress led Mahajoth expresses it’s unhappy over police administration’s partial activities during the recent concluded assembly elections in Kokrajhar district and demanded early release of apprehended BPF and Mahajoth party’s members without any condition.

Addressing the reporters at a press conference held at BPF party office today in Kokrajhar, Mahajoth leaders including CPI (M) leader Santosh Guha, Kokrajhar district Congress committee president Mominur Islam have strongly condemned the police’s forcefully entered into BPF candidate and Assam Social welfare of Pramila Rani Brahma’s residence on 4th April.

Police apprehended seven persons including APCC member Sambhu Mandal  for involved with attack and vandalisation of vehicles belonging to BTC executive member Arup Kumar Dey on 4th April in Kokrajhar town.

The leaders have denied the allegations levelled against the Mahajoth, said that  BPF and Mahajoth member/supporters were not involved with vehicles vandalisation of BTC executive member Arup Kumar Dey on 5th April at Kokrajhar town.

They have alleged that Dey he himself perpetrated the vandalisation like incident to blame the opposition parties.

Mahajoth leaders alleged that Dey distributed huge money to woo the voters openly among the citizens before the assembly elections.

They have demanded early release arrested Mahajoth members in Kokrajhar without any condition.

The Mahajoth Ieaders have claimed that Mahajoth parties are winning majority seats across the state to form government in the state.

APCC member and former vice president of Kokrajhar district Congress committee Mazhaharul Islam has slammed the police administration for their partiality activities during the assembly elections across the district.

He said that police administration had not performed good services while discharging their duty and responsibilities in the recent concluded assembly elections.

He has said that police must maintain impartial services while bringing healthy and welfare services among the society.

He has urged the district administration to release the arrested BPF and Mahajoth supporters without any condition in a earliest manner.

Meanwhile, an Innova vehicle was reportedly vandalised by suspected BPF supporters on Tuesday evening in Kokrajhar.

The incident took place at Beswargaon near Debargaon around 9 pm at a residential parking house.

Some supporters from BPF party rushed in a winger in the evening and immediately started to pelted stones at Innova vehicle and accordingly damaged the vehicle.

Police detected the winger vehicle and seized besides recovered the damaged Innova vehicle.

Police started it’s investigation into the incident.

Additional DGP and BTC IGP (in-charge) Dr L R Bishnoi said that the assembly elections in Kokrajhar district was concluded with peaceful.

He has extended sincere gratitude all security forces, civil society as peoples who were involved with electioneering system.

” The assembly election was concluded in a free and fair environment across the communities”, Dr Bishnoi said.