Mahajoth Will Win Absolute Majority In Assam: BPF Leader

KOKRAJHAR, APRIL 23: Former deputy chief of Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) and senior BPF leader Kampa Borgoyary expresses his hopeful that Congress led Mahajoth is winning largest majority seats to form government in the state.
On Friday while attending a programme in Kokrajhar, BPF leader Borgoyary said that BPF party is getting winning in all 12 contesting constituencies of the BTC four districts in the assembly elections.
He said that BPF and Mahajoth contesting candidates are getting last laugh to form the government in the state of Assam.
He has confident of that peoples cutting across the communities had voted in favour of Mahajoth in the assembly elections and accordingly the Mahajoth is forming the state government.
He has accused of that BJP led state government couldn’t do welfare services among the society in last five years as citizens wanted development and welfare aspects across the state.
He said that peoples in the state are wanting parivartan and development under the banner of the Mahajoth in the state.
” The Mahajoth is getting absolute majority in the assembly elections to form government  in the state”, he said.
 He has alleged that BJP has been trying for horse trading to form government in the state as this time people’s mandate had gone against the BJP led NDA alliance in the state.
He informed that leader and contesting candidates of Mahajoth are thronging at a resort in Guwahati ahead the counting of votes to be held on 2nd May.
However, BPF Iesder and contesting candidates are not participating in the resort gathering.
He said that Mahajoth has been keeping their contesting candidates aside from BJP led NDA as BJP party has been planning for horse trading to gain up for forming the government in the state.
“The Mahajoth is fully aware about BJP’s planning and action plan,so Mahajoth have to stepping up for keeping their contesting candidates far from the BJP and it’s alliance partners”, Borgoyary said.
On the UPPL-BJP-GSP alliance government in BTC, Borgoyary has termed that the present UPPL-BJP-GSP government in BTC is totally invalid and illegal as well unacceptable.
He said that his BPF party has gone to the High Court for justice and High Court is giving a hearing into the matter where BPF party hopes a good message with positivity.
He has confident that BPF party is getting positive response in the scheduled hearing of High Court within short span of days to form government in BTC administration.
“We are waiting a positive response from the High Court over the UPPL-BJP-GSP alliance government in BTC.The government was formed without using proper norms of composite floor test in the BTC Iegislative assembly hall held in December last”, Borgoyary added.