MDM Rice Dug Out In Debargaon HS School


KOKRAJHAR, NOV 22: In a sensational incident in Kokrajhar, parents of students of Debargaon Higher Secondary (HS) School in Kokrajhar district have dug out a mid-day meal rice (MDM)!which was allegedly buried by school authorities a few months ago.

Parents have alleged that the school authorities have not been feeding Mid Day Meal among the students for several months and buried the rice instead of feeding the Mid Day meal in the school.

Over 20 quintiles of MDM rice have been buried at the school complex without any step to feeding the MDM meal. Parents have demanded a strict investigation into the MDM rice anomalies and punished the involved officials.

Notably, there are 320 students are getting opportunities for MDM meal in the school till date and accordingly school authority is drawing the MDM rice from the concerned department.

Conscious guardians of the students expressed their serious concern over the rice burial incident which is not suited for the society, said that the school authority is not showing healthy welfare of the student fraternities in the school,so the allotted MDM rice had been damaged on it’s status at the godown.

” Even though concerned authorities have been instructing for feeding MDM meal among the students as per guidelines, but the school authorities didn’t take any step to render MDM meal services in the school. Expressing resentment, parents today come out in the school complex and dug out the MDM rice which was buried in the school complex due to damages of rice”, said parents of greater Debargaon area.

Students also revealed that they have not been getting MDM meal in the school since few months.They said that they don’t know anything about offering MDM meal during the school hour.

However, the principal of the school, Hari Chandra Cherry has admitted the rice has been buried as the rice had been damaged.

He said that the damaged MDM rice was buried in the school complex following damage of the rice after the school authorities had a resolution in a meeting of school management developmental committee to bury the MDM rice damaged.

He has also informed that the godown of the school is not a sound condition to keep the MDM rice properly and thus the MDM meal rice had to be damaged.

He said that the cookpersons are coming regularly to the school even after the school authorities have been asking them for feeding MDM meal in the school.