Minister Dr Sarma Speaks Lie, Hagrama Alleges


KOKRAJHAR, NOV 9: Bodoland People’s Front (BPF) Chief Hagrama Mohilary has made an explosion words against Assam health and education minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma, said that Dr Sarma never speaking truths and always speaks lie in his life.

Mohilary while talking with reporters today in Kokrajhar, claimed that he has a deep understanding with minister Dr Sarma and accordingly war of words are going on in between me and Dr Sarma in present day environment.

“There is a deep understanding between me and minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma,so there is goingon deep war of words with Dr Sarma”, BPF chief Mohilary said.

He informed that BPF party is fully prepared to contest the ensuing BTC council elections and party is contesting in 37 constituencies of the 40 member house of the BTC Legislative Assembly.

He has expressed his confidence that BPF is winning majority seats in the BTC council elections.

He said that there would be tough contests with BJP in BTC council elections, but not going to be straight contest with UPPL party candidates.

He said that UPPL party will score zero, BJP will score 2 or 3  seats while AIUDF, Congress are likely winning little numbers in the BTC council elections. He said that there is going deep war of words in between minister Dr Sarma and BPF supremo Hagrama Mohilary.

Minister Dr Sarma Speaks Lie

He has alleged that Dr Sarma who himself never take sweets, but how he can suggests other peoples to take mita aam.

He said Dr Sarma want to bring sweet mangoes from neighbouring states like Bihar, Uttar Pradesh in the state. He has claimed BPF party is getting massive support from all sections of the society.

Mohilary has said that his BPF was working for the welfare and uplift of this common since it inception. He has promised to work for massive welfare officer development for all communities if voted to the power for fourth consecutive term with BTC administration.

He has urged citizens to vote on favour to BPF party candidates in ensuing BTC elections.

Mohilary has told that the former cadre and leaders of the NDFB are to be given away welfare schemes and cases must be discussed if BPF party voted to the power for 4th consecutive terms.

He has urged governments to take bold initiative to extend support and making proper welfare measures to make livelihoods earning in the  region.

BPF chief Mohilary also  graced in the general meeting of the coordination committee of ex NDFB organisations being held at Bathow complex on Monday in Kokrajhar.

Mohilary has asked the former NDFB leaders to extend support and working for the BPF party in days to come.


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