MP Sarania slams Hagrama and Dr Himanta


KOKRAJHAR, NOV 20: Kokrajhar Lok Sabha MP Naba Kumar Sarania slammed BPF chief Hagrama Mohilary and Assam Health and education minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma for their politicising over BTC council elections said that both leaders are politically garnering to woo voters in the region.

On Friday, Sarania campaigned at Hari Bazar under Salakati constituency in Kokrajhar district in support of party candidate Sanjay Sarania.

He has claimed that his Gana Suraksha Party (GSP) party is winning absolute majority in the BTC council elections to form the Bodoland Territorial Council Legislative Assembly.

MP Sarania who is also president of Gana Suraksha Party Naba Kumar Sarania (Heera) has termed that both BPF president Hagrama Mohilary and Health minister Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma are Maha Dacoit who are now going on war of words during the BTC election campaigning programme across the four districts.

Notably, the GSP is contesting in 35 seats in the council elections. The UPPL contesting in 40, BPF 37, BJP in 26, Congress 13, AIUDF 7 constituencies in the council elections.

Sarania has expressed his hopeful that his GSP party is winning over 25 seats in the BTC council elections scheduled on December 7 and 10.

He said that most of the constituencies in the council elections, GSP party candidates are getting people’s mass supports.

He has alleged that BPF ruled BTAD administration has been failed to work for the welfare and development services of the common masses in their 17 year rule.He said that no party can form BTC council instead of GSP party.

“We are going to form BTC council with absolute majority seat winning in the BTC council.We shall dedicate for all round development and welfare for all communities if the party voted to the power”, Sarania said.

He has charged that the ongoing war of words between BJP and BPF party are a drama to attract the common masses during the BTC council elections.

He has accused of the quarrel between BJP and BPF parties are like quarrel of wife and husband.He said that GSP party is getting massive support from all sections of communities in the BTC council elections.


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