Muslim Personal Law Criticises Dev Mech


KOKRAJHAR, DEC 1: The All Assam Muslim Personal Law has criticized and come down heavily on social activist Prithviraj Narayan Dev Mech for his unsuited and anti remarks on UPPL chief Pramod Boro and BTR (Bodoland Territorial Region) accord.

Speaking the reporters at a press conference held at Kokrajhar Press Club on Tuesday, president of All Assam Muslim Personal Law Mufti Motibar Rahman expressed his serious concern over recent statement of Dev Mech who had spoken against the spirit of BTR accord recently.

Rahman said that the BTR accord has been bringing healthy development and welfare aspects for all communities those are living with the areas.

He has mentioned that there are 29 numbers of peace accord have been signed in the northeastern region including BTR accord and accordingly the clauses of BTR accord are getting implementation under the supervision of governments. He said that since after signing of BTR accord on January 27 last, so far several clauses have been implemented.

He has said that the clauses of BTR accord have laid stress for uplift and development of the common masses.

Rahman has slammed Dev Mech for his remarks on BTR accord and termed that his remarks was not to be acceptable among the society.

“We are very optimistic of well-being among all sections of the society through the BTR accord spirit”, Rahman said.

He has strongly criticized Dev Mech who has been always lobbying money or other wealth earning related unacceptable remarks.

Rahman has informed that the Muslim Personal Law  has extended support to the UPPL party in the upcoming BTC council elections for paving the way healthy integration and massive welfare.

He said that UPPL party has promised  to work for the welfare and development services for all communities as mentioned in the clauses of BTR accord.

He said that UPPL president Pramod Boro is a leader of integration for parivartan and massive development and accordingly UPPL party will initiate strong step towards building massive welfare.


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