Nabin Brahmari Tirtha Trust Opens in Kokrajhar


KOKRAJHAR, OCT 21: The Maharishi Bathou Ratna Swami Nabin Brahmari Tirtha Trust was opened on Wednesday at the residence of Nahin Brahmari in Kokrajhar to work for the welfare and social activities towards Bathou (Shiva) Dhwrwm among the society.

The trust was formed with Karuna Ranjan Brahma Choudhry as chairman and Gobinda Thakur as convenor along with other nine members from West Bengal state. The trust was formed on 25th September (2019) last and registered with government vide no.726 IV & registered no. 67 with Kokrajhar as head office.

The trust was ceremonially opened Wednesday with a Viswashanti mahajagya to offer prayer and worship to almighty Bwrai Bathou to get rid from COVID-19 pandemic across the state.

The trust has been emphasizing to work for the social services and humanity welfare among the society in near future.

The trust has also opened an account with SBI North Kokrajhar branch, accounting bearing No.39685107537 to run the trust.

The trust has been run under the sponsorship of Bathou (Shiva) Dharma Sangha central committee.

Nabin Brahmari Tirtha Trust opens in Kokrajhar

Chairman Karuna Ranjan Brahma Choudhry and convenor of the trust, Gabinda Thakur told that the trust has been named after Bathou Ratna Nabin Brahmari, who had devoted his whole life for the uplift and development of the Bathou (Shiva) Dhwrwm. He said that the trust has been stepping to keep alive ideology and philosophy of the Bathou Ratna Nabin Brahmari.

Brahma Choudhury said that the trust will devote massive activities while bringing welfare and development services among the society through the religious messages.

He said that the Bathou (Shiva) Dharna Sangha was working for the uplift and developmental activities since it’s inception among the Bathou followers and common masses in the country.

He has made an appealed to all donors or well wishers to contribute or donate financial support to the trust for making healthy uplift of the society.


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