Nath Yogi Sanmilani Demands Satellite Council, ST Status


KOKRAJHAR, NOV 8: The All BTAD Nath Yogi Sanmilani has demanded granting of Scheduled Tribe (ST) status to the Nath Yogi community, creation of satellite autonomous council for the Nath Yogi common in the state to meet heathy development as well welfare of the Nath Yogi peoples.

President of BTAD Nath Yogi Sanmilani, Piyali Phukan Nath while talking with reporters today at a programme held at Bhutiapara in Kokrajhar district said that due to insincerity attitudes from the state government itself the Nath Yogi community is still far from development and welfare in the state. He informed that there are over 40 lakhs peoples of Nath Yogi community who are depriving their due respect and rights in the state in all frontal aspects.

He has put demand to the government to accord ST status and creation of satellite autonomous council in the state for paving the way healthy development of the Nath Yogi community.

Nath Yogi Sanmilani demands satellite council

He has mentioned that the Nath Yogi community organisations are organising democratic protest agitation in support of demanding ST status and pressurising the government for creating satellite autonomous council in the state to meet good governance and welfare of the community.

He said that Nath Yogi peoples in the state have been contributing a lot towards uplift and developmental activities in the state since freedom movement of the country, yet the community is remaining far from the developmental aspects.

He has urged the state government to take bold initiative for paving healthy development in days to come.

Social activist Dipangkhar Nath slammed the BJP party in the state for not taking any welfare step towards uplift and welfare for the Nath Yogi community in the state.

Nath Yogi Sanmilani demands satellite council

Meanwhile, the newly formed executive committee of BTAD Nath Yogi Sanmilani took oath in a programme held in Kokrajhar today.

President of Assam state Nath Yogi Sanmilani,Dr Arun Kumar Borah administered the oath and secrecy of the new committee.

Piyali Phukan Nath (Kokrajhar) as president and Umesh Saikia (Udalguri) as general secretary along with other 20 executive member took oath as office bearers of BTAD Nath Yogi Sanmilani.

Jayanta Nath (Baksa) and Pramod Chandra Nath (Kokrajhar) as president and secretary respectively took oath on the occasion.


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