NBCC Reacts On UCF Over Extending Support


KOKRAJHAR, MAR 30: The National Boro Christian Council (NBCC) has expressed its displeasure over the United Christian Forum of BTR who has extended support to the UPPL party in the upcoming assembly elections of Assam.

In a press statement, president of the NBCC, Rev Dr Arjun Basumatary said that some would think that the NBCC is a part of this new organization or the latter comes under the former because the latter has spoken in general taking all Christians into consideration inclusive of the Boro Christians in the state.

“As the NBCC, we want to make it very clear that the United Christian Forum is not connected in any way with the NBCC or the NBCC has no link with this newly floated organization and that such a statement by the United Christian Forum is not at all acceptable because it is neither known to nor supported by the NBCC. For this reason, the NBCC is not supportive of this and strongly condemns it and asks the United Christian Forum to stay away from making such statement in future”, he said.

Over the last 26 years, the NBCC has remained as an umbrella association of Boro Christians of the Northeast and West Bengal, belonging to both the Catholic and the Protestant groups, having been devoted to the constitutional guaranteed religious freedom for all to practice and propagate their faiths and to safeguard the religious rights of the minorities and to protect a continued secular state, where all religions will continue to enjoy freedom of exercise and expression. In keeping up this value, the NBCC has not officially supported to any single political party but has stayed neutral to bring about peace and harmony and development in the region.

In the upcoming assembly elections of Assam, the NBCC calls upon to all Boro Christians to caste their valuable votes to their favoured parties and candidates in order that a democratic government would come to power in the state for the holistic development of the people living in the state.

The NBCC appeals all Boro Christians to uphold the elections in prayer so that this democratic exercise would go smoothly, the statement added.