Nearly 83 % Percent Poll In Kokrajhar District, One Hospitalized

KOKRAJHAR, APRIL 6: Nearly 83% percent poll was recorded in all three constituencies of Kokrajhar district during the third phase election held on Tuesday besides witnessing some incidents reportedly reported during the poll.
The polling was started at 7 am in the morning across the three assembly constituencies including Kokrajhar East, Kokrajhar West and Gossaigaon constituency in the district of Kokrajhar.
A strong security vigil was made in all polling stations across the district which had Ied a free and fair assembly elections in the four districts of Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC).
Peoples cutting across the communities have come forward to franchise their voting rights in the morning and accordingly the poll percentage was saw high turned out in the assembly constituencies.
Till 7.53 pm of the polling, 82% percent poll was recorded in Kokrajhar East constituency.
In Kokrajhar West constituency 84.21% percent poll was recorded and  Gossaigaon assembly was recorded 83.01% poll percent till 7.53 pm in the evening.
A person was reportedly received a serious injuries at an incident held at Mozabari near Simbargaon under Kokrajhar East constituency.
The person was identified as Hasmot Ali (36) of Mozabari village.
Ali informed that BPF supporters attacked him.
He was admitted to Kokrajhar RNB civil hospital.
A total five candidates contested the assembly elections in Kokrajhar East constituency, including Pramila Rani Brahma (BPF), Lawrence Islary (UPPL), Manaj Kumar Brahma (IND), Sailendra Nath Brahma (IND) and Mijink Brahma (IND).
Two cornered tough contest took place in Kokrajhar East constituency in between BPF candidate Pramila Rani Brahma and UPPL candidate Lawrence Islary.
A total 183994 voters (male 90475 & 92416 female)  voters participated in 282 polling stations on Tuesday on their choice candidates to elect public representative for five year next.
A total seven candidates contested in the assembly elections in Kokrajhar West constituency including Rabiram Narzary (BPF), Manaranjan Brahma (UPPL).
A total 186389 voters (male 94185 & 89664) are franchised their democratic voting rights in 267 polling stations across the constituency.
In Gossaigaon constituency, a total 6 candidates contested the assembly elections, including Majendra Narzary (BPF), Somnath Narzary (UPPL).
A total 191069 voters (male 96933 & female 91848) voters cast their votes in 279 polling stations across the constituency.
UPPL candidate for Kokrajhar West constituency Manaranjan Brahma cast his vote at Serfanguri ME school polling centre in the early morning.
Brahma reached at the polling centre along with his wife and noted Bodo cinema actor Riya Brahma.
Brahma hopeful of winning the Kokrajhar West constituency. He said that UPPL party is winning all contesting constituencies.
UPPL candidate for Chapaguri LAC and ex MP UG Brahma cast his vote at Chalani Batabari LP school polling centre under Kokrajhar West constituency.
 Brahma reached at the polling station along with his wife in the early morning.
He said that UPPL BJP alliance parties are winning majority seats across the state to form government.
“No impact of Congress led Mahajoth in the state”, Brahma said.
UPPL candidate for Kokrajhar East constituency Lawrence Islary cast his vote at Gaurang High School polling station in the morning.
He said that his candidature is getting last laugh from the constituency as peoples from all sections voted in favour of UPPL candidate.
 BPF chief and former BTC chief  Hagrama Mohilary cast his vote at Debargaon HS school polling centre under Kokrajhar East constituency.
Mohilary said that Mahajoth is getting majority seats across the state to form the government.He said that BPF party candidates are winning in all contesting constituencies across the BTR districts.
Pramila Rani Brahma is getting last laugh from Kokrajhar East constituency for seventh term with massive supports.
BPF candidate and Assam Social welfare minister Pramila Rani Brahma cast her vote at Vidyapith LP school in Kokrajhar town in the early morning.
She was accompanied with party supporters and her followers.
She has expressed her hopeful that she is getting massive supports from all communities across the constituency.
She has alleged that UPPL party used huge money to attract the common voters in the assembly elections.
 UPPL president and BTR CEM Pramod Boro has hailed good participation of citizens in the assembly elections as election is getting free and fair across the state including BTR districts.
He said that NDA alliance parties are winning majority seats across the state to form government in her state.
 ” We are very hopeful that all contesting candidates are winning across your four districts of BTR.Peoples are voting in favour of UPPL candidates for parivartan and massive development among the society”, Boro said.
He has said that the Mahajoth cannot win any seat in the assembly segments in BTR districts.
He said that NDA alliance candidates are getting huge response as well supports cutting across the communities in the election.
 BJP leader and MLA Ashok Singhal has also claimed that NDA candidates are getting last laugh from the contesting in in BTR districts.