Offsite Disaster Mock Drill Conducted At Bongaigaon Refinery 


KOKRAJHAR, FEB 3: Bongaigaon Refinery (BGR) in association with district administration, Chirang on Wednesday conducted a full scale offsite chemical disaster mock drill to assess the preparedness in tackling emergency situations in case of offsite disaster near the main gate at Dhaligaon.

The simulated scenario for the mock drill was that of a fire in an open drain and the surrounding area outside the BGR main gate. Feed operation of MS into tank number 2602 inside the refinery premises was in progress, when an earthquake of high intensity occurred resulting in a major leakage of hydrocarbon into the storm water drain. Lighter hydrocarbon filled the storm water drain due to leakage from 20 flange joint in the pump discharge line. As the hydrocarbon started flowing from storm water drain towards outside boundary wall, an onsite emergency was declared, emergency siren blown and ERDMP (Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan) of BGR activated immediately on detection of the same.

As such, emergency control activities like area barricading, water curtain, suspension of hot job in surrounding areas, blockage of storm water drain with sand bags, evacuation, etc. were immediately put in place.

Further the hydrocarbon was observed to be coming outside through storm water drain due to damage in oil catcher due to earthquake. An intense vapour cloud was formed covering the service road adjacent to highway NH- 31(C). Water curtain to dilute the vapour and foam flooding on storm water drain for vapour suppression started.

However, the hydrocarbon in storm water drain then flowed into the open drain outside the refinery and that caught fire.

During the fire, under the mock scenario, there were casualty of 7 persons with 2 people receiving severe burns and admitted to BGR hospital and 5 with minor injuries treated at the relief camp in the union office of BGR.

Immediately after the fire in the residential area, in the mock scenario, information was communicated to Deputy Commissioner, Chirang who is the Chief District Emergency Coordinator (CDEC), Chirang through the Executive Director & Refinery Head, Bongaigaon Refinery and Chief General Manager (Technical) who is the Chief Incident Controller (CIC), Bongaigaon Refinery.

Thereafter, under the direction of CDEC, Chirang to CIC, Bongaigaon Refinery, suitable actions were taken to mitigate the crisis situation. Officials from district administration, police, district health services, food and civil supplies, district transport, public health engineering, district information and public relations departments, pollution control board, etc, apart from other organizations like NTPC, NDRF, SDRF, also participated in the mock drill.

Subsequent to the drill, a debriefing session was also held under the chairmanship of Deputy Commissioner, Chirang, Narendra Kumar Shah in the Crisis Control Room set up at Deputy Commissioner’s office, Kajalgaon. The session was attended by key officials of District Administration as well as SP Baruah, Executive Director and Refinery Head and other senior officials of Bongaigaon Refinery. Observers deployed at various locations presented their observations about the strength and weaknesses of the activities carried out during the drill. The Deputy Commissioner and Chief District Emergency Coordinator (CDEC) appreciated the team work and efficiency shown in the drill and exhorted all concerned to put their best effort in future also. Though the entire exercise was a simulated one, Deputy Commissioner, Chirang expressed pleasure at the high level of preparedness displayed by all stakeholders in dealing with the disaster and appealed for such disaster preparedness at all time.