PCV Vaccination Drive Begins In Kokrajhar


KOKRAJHAR, JUN 30: Along with rest of the state, the Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) in Universal immunization programme was launched today at RNB civil hospital Kokrajhar to combat the Pneumonia fevers of the babies including newly born childrens.

Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) executive member for Health and Family Welfare department, Arup Kumar Dey ceremonially inaugurated the launching of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) under universal immunization programme (UIP) at RNB civil hospital Kokrajhar.

PCV vaccine is offering to the babies age group of 45 days to 9 months at free of costs in the state under the supervision of state government and Health department across the state.

Dey said that the PCV vaccines are offering for the babies to make prevention of fevers like pneumonia and some other diseaes which are influencing among babies as well childrens.

He said that BTC administration and health authorities are working dedicatedly while initiating strict prevention of the fevers of the peoples.

He also informed that the state government and health authorities are fully ready to extend support and preventing measures to combat and checking the Covid situation in the state.

Dey has urged all citizens to come forward while taking vaccines to stop the spreading of the pneumonia fevers.

In-charge of the vaccination drive in Kokrajhar, Dr Debdas Bhowal told that the PCV vaccine is meant for protection of pneumonia fevers among the society.He said that health authorities have taken strong initiative towards the bringing health awareness and vaccination drive among the society.

Meanwhile, a 3-month-old baby succumbed to RNB civil hospital Kokrajhar two day’s ago due to Covid complication in Kokrajhar district.

A total 382 childrens of below 12 year old are admitted to the several hospitals for treatment including RNB civil hospital Kokrajhar due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation across the Kokrajhar district till date.

As per comparison to the other districts across the state, a 2.6 % percent of childrens under 12-year-old have been reported affected in the Covid in the district.

Superintendent of RNB civil hospital Kokrajhar,Dr A S Sarma told that only 2.6% percent of childrens were affected by Covid situation in the district.

He said that district administration and health authorities have been stepping strict step to combat the COVID-19 situation in the district.