Petrol Price Rise Crossed Rs.101 In Kokrajhar


KOKRAJHAR, JUL 11: Amidst ongoing COVID-19 situation, the prices of fuels including extra premium Petrol have been seeing continuing till date that saw crossed of Rs.101 per litre in Kokrajhar.

In Kokrajhar, heart town of Bodoland Territorial Region administration, the extra premium Petrol is sold at Rs.101.11 per litre, Petrol (normal) Rs. 96.85 per litre and Diesel Rs.89.37 per litre.

The prices of fuels are today seeing continuing it’s rises averagely gone Rs. 35 paise per litre that brought resented and unhappy moment among the common masses.

Citizens have expressed their resented and dissatisfiction over the repeatedly sky rocketing price rises of the fuels and essential commodities in the state and termed that the government has failed to check the price rises on fuels and essential commodities.

“The price rise of petrol which has crossed Rs.101 per litre has been hitting normal life in the state. In today’s life, common middle class citizens are not in a position to purchase petrol or fuels”, said a citizen in Kokrajhar town.

The state always wants healthy leading life in a suitable environment to maintain a healthy integration, but repeatedly increasing of fuels price are creating miserable situation for the peoples.

The citizens have urged the state government to check the price hikes for paving the healthy welfare and integration in the state.