Police Disposed 1500 Kgs Ganja In Kokrajhar


KOKRAJHAR, FEB 8: Kokrajhar police has made officially destruction of seized drugs and psychotropic substances which were seized at different places in Kokrajhar district today.

The seized Ganja and Heroin were made disposal at Chandamari open ground near Gaurang River in Kokrajhar district after receiving nod of order from the court. The disposal was made n the presence of special DGP Dr L R Bishnoi, SP Prateek Thube, magistrate, senior police officials of the Kokrajhar police administration.

The goods were recovered from different places of Kokrajhar district in last 7 months from different 18 cases registered in Kokrajhar and Gossaigaon subdivision of Kokrajhar district and today officially destroyed by burning at Chandamari open ground near Gaurang River in Kokrajhar.

The destructions were included weighing of 1500 kg Ganja, 1.5 kg heroin, 0.32 gram Brown sugar 33 pakads of tablets & cough syrup.

Dr Bishnoi told that the recovered drugs and Heroin have disposal after following a thorough court direction for disposal. He said that the police administration across the state has been stepping strictly against the drugs peddling and able to recovered huge amounts of Ganja, Heroin etc from different places of the BTR districts.

He said that today a huge amounts of drugs as Ganja were made disposal in Kokrajhar of which market value would be approximately over one crores.