Police Raid at Ex BLT Welfare Society Chairman’s House in Kokrajhar, Seizes Two Air Guns


KOKRAJHAR, FEB 4: Police administration has carried out a house raid at Janamahan Mushahary’s residence at Kokrajhar town, chairman of ex BLT welfare society.

The raid was led by SP Kokrajhar Rakesh Roushan and was associated with two additional SP and DSP which was started around 1.15 pm and continued for three hours till 3.30 pm.

A strong police team has made raid in all rooms and residential complex of Mushahary.

Notably, police on Tuesday arrested six persons along with recovered of huge cache of arms and ammunitions in Kokrajhar district.

The house search was carried out after recoveries of a huge cache of arms and ammunitions at Nasraibil area under Gossaigaon subdivision in Kokrajhar district.

SP Kokrajhar Rakesh Roushan and two additional SP have come out after around 3 hour of house searching at Janamahan Mushahary’s residence.

Roushan told that police has continuing it’s search operation as on Tuesday police recovered huge amounts of arms and ammunitions along with arrested six persons from Nasraibil area under Gossaigaon subdivision.

Police carried out search operation having an inputs after recoveries of arms and ammunitions on Tuesday.

He said that police seized several documents and materials from his house. He said that searching is on.

Roushan, however did not disclose about the seize and recoveries during the house search.

“We are not disclosing any seizure or recoveries during the house search due to investigation”, Roushan said.

Ex-BLT welfare society chairman Janamahan Mushahary has expressed his resented over the police’s house search today afternoon.

He has termed that the house search in his house was unfortunate and not to be suited in a democratic country without any reason.

He said that he is a peace loving citizen and presently chairman of ex BLT welfare society to work for the welfare of the former BLT members.

He has confessed that police seized several goods including his wife’s gold ornaments, bank cheque books, two air guns etc.

He said that he has cooperated the police administration during the house search periods in his house.

Mushahary has termed that the raid was unfortunate in a democratic system.

He said that he was associating the police administration during the raid.

Ex BLT members had laid down all arms and ammunitions through the spirit of BTC accord 2003 (December).

” I am a peace loving citizen in my life. There might be a political conspiracy over the raid”, Mushahary said.


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