Police Seized Boiler Carrying Six Vehicles,16 Persons Detained


KOKRAJHAR, APRIL 10: Police in Kokrajhar have seized six loaded Tata mobile truck carrying Boiler chickens in Kokrajhar town besides detained 16 persons today morning near Gaurang river bridge.

Getting inputs about the illegally carrying Boiler chickens from West Bengal bound for Bongaigaon Chirang via Kokrajhar, police conducted a naka checking along the Kokrajhar-Monakocha road since late night and accordingly able to detect six vehicles at Gaurang River bridge in Kokrajhar town early morning around 4 am.

Police have also detained 16 persons involved with carrying the Boiler chickens which were illegally brought from West Bengali and was bound for Bongaigaon, Chirang districts.

The seized truck bearing registration Numbers are AS15C-6609, AS01HC-9077, AS19C-8116, AS26C-8040, AS01JC-3832 and AS01HC-9076

The seized boiler chicken’s market value would be approximately over Rs.15 lakhs.

Police seized the Tata mobile trucks and Boiler chickens in a naka checking.

The detained persons and seized vehicles have been keeping at Kokrajhar police station under custody.

Drivers of the vehicles informed that they have to pay over Rs. 30000 to 35000 per vehicle in the Srirampur gate in the name of road entry every day.

Officer in-charge of Kokrajhar police station, Dipak Saikia told that seized the boiler carrying vehicles around 4 am early morning today as Boiler carrying vehicles have no valid documents while passing the roads.

He said that the Boiler chickens were carrying illegally without any authorise permit and accordingly police detected the trucks.

He informed that police has been taking a thorough investigation into the carrying Boiler