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Pramod Boro demands tight security for free and fair elections in BTR

UDALGURI, OCT 16: The government must ensure violence free elections in the Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) by deploying tight security forces, said UPPL Pramod Boro on Thursday at Kaling Duar in Udalguri.
Attending Kaling Duar’s primary UPPL meeting as the chief Guest Thursday,  Boro said that many stray incidents of violence are happening in BTR and in the last BTC election many people lost their lives.
“Democracy must be secured and voters should be able to cast their votes without fear. Only then our democracy will be powerful. We want peaceful, free and fair elections and security forces must be deployed as needed during the upcoming BTR elections, the former ABSU president demanded.
On the delay in BTC elections, Boro said for more than a half-year BTC election was postponed due to Covid-19 pandemic. “Now that the government has started reopening of school, college, cinema hall etc, the election must be conducted and the democratic process should be fulfilled,” he said and urged the government to conduct the BTC elections as early as possible.
Elections to the BTC which was earlier scheduled for April 4 were deferred following the nationwide lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic.
Boro expressed confidence of the UPPL party forming the government in BTC winning majority seats.
“We have fielded candidates in all 40 constituencies. We are just waiting for the elections. The UPPL will form the government for sure”, he asserted.
“The public are fed up of the BPF’s suppression, oppression to its own people, 17 years corruption and unequal  development. The public want a change and joining the UPPL in  masses, he said adding that the UPPL has 14 lakh members as of now and the numbers is counting.
Boro said that only UPPL will bring development in the region.



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