Price Rise Hits Normal Life in Kokrajhar


KOKRAJHAR, MAR 4: Common citizens in Kokrajhar, heart of Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) administration have expressed their resented due to sky rocketing price rise of essential commodities, including vegetables in Kokrajhar and it’s adjoining area.

The price rise situation has been hitting the normal life that lead to face hardships among the common masses. It is seeing that prices of essential commodities are going hike in bazar, markets in lower Assam districts, including Kokrajhar which has been creating woe among common citizens.

Citizen and market going peoples expressed their resentment over the sky rocketing price hikes of essential commodities which are need of the daily leading life.

In today’s market in Kokrajhar bazaar, prices of vegetables are sold in varied prices on quality designs. Potato is sold at Rs.10-15 per Kg, Chilly 60-140 per kg, Brinjal 40-50 per kg, Bhol 40-60 per kg, Onion 50-60 per kg, garlic 80-100 per kg etc.

The price’s vegetables are seeing higher than normal range in the region.

Citizens blamed the state government for not initiating any measure to check price hike of daily essential commodities.BJP party was voted to the power for parivartan and development in 2016, but failed to work for the welfare and social ushering across the state in their five year tenure in the state.

‘Prices of daily essential commodities are increasing day by day, which is not suited for common publics’, a market going citizen said in Kokrajhar bazar.

‘We expected change (paribortan) in the state as BJP party had drummed paribortan ahead election, but yet to see the paribortan as saffron party voted in reign. Common citizens are still far from paribortan aspiration in the state’, said citizens in Kokrajhar.

Traders in Kokrajhar bazaar told that the prices of essential commodities, including vegetables are seeing goes up in the region due to lack of huge crop productions as well recent floods.

They (traders) said that price hikes of commodities are creating resented while maintaining life and accordingly buying and selling situation in the market are decreasing.


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