Release Ranjan Daimary From Imprisonment: Pramod Boro


KOKRAJHAR, DEC 27: The chief executive member of Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC) Pramod Boro has demanded release of imprisonment leaders who are representing signatory organisations in Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) accord including Ranjan Daimary and his colleagues through the spirit of the historic BTR accord.

A team of BTC government representative led by BTC CEM Pramod Boro, who is also UPPL chief met Union Home Minister Amit Shah in Guwahati on Saturday and submitted a letter of appreciation and earnest requested to expedite the implementation of the BTR accord with letter and spirit to meet good governance.

“We take this opponanity to extend our heartfelt  gratitude and indebtedness to our beloved Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, for his blessings and guidance throughout the process of signing the BTR accord. We are overwhelmed by the stewardship and care that your excellency has taken to resolve the decade’s old protracted armed insurgency movement in Bodoland region by facilitating the signing of Bodoland Territorial Region (BTR) accord. The timely and meaningful signing of BTR accord has showed new seeds of hope and dawned a new era of permanent peace, tranquility and stability paving the way for rapid sustainable all round development in the region and bringing the ethnic divides once and for all”, Boro said.

“There is jubilation of BTR accord all round, we would like to seek appointment on your convenient date and time to discuss regarding the BTR accord implementation in New Delhi”.

Release Ranjan Daimary from imprisonment: Pramod Boro

A team of BTR accord signatories and BTR government representatives would be really happy to meet you soon.

He said that the BTR accord has ushered a new era of sustainable peace, creating an environment in which all the insurgent leaders are under the free sky, enabling them to join them processes to the extent of winning elections.

“It is in this light, it would be meaningful if other imprisoned leaders representing BTR signatory organisations including Ranjan Daimary and his colleagues are freed from the imprisonment as per the relevant provisions of the BTR accord”, he said.

“We have received your continued blessings and care, we wish to receive the similar support in the days to come, so that we can build a strong, progressive and peaceful Bodoland Territorial Council”, Boro added.

He has informed that Union Home Minister Amit Shah has paid kind attention towards the issues and laid stresses upon the implementation of historic BTR accord clauses in days to come to meet heathy development and integration among the society.

Meanwhile, the All Bodo Students Union (ABSU) has also submitted a memorandum to Union Home Minister Amit Shah in connection to the implementation of remaining
clauses of the Memorandum of Settlement signed on 27th January last  with Government of India, Assam and Bodoland  movement groups.

Release Ranjan Daimary from imprisonment: Pramod Boro

A three member delegation team of ABSU led by its president Dipen Boro met Amit Shah and submitted the memorandum.

The ABSU being one of the key signatory to the MoS signed on the 27th January last, it was great honour for the peaceful settlement of the vexed Bodoland movement and arm struggle which came to shed the screen of conflict in the region. Your government has given the new dawn of hope for the people of Bodoland with this historic MoS. However, by making this humble submission as a reminder ABSU request for the implementation of the historic MoS for the socio-economic and democratic interest of the people of Bodoland Territorial Region.

“The ABSU would like to make mention the few key points to take it as the priority factor due to the lapse of timings from the signing of the accord due to impact of ongoing Covid-19 pandemic nationwide”, ABSU said adding has urged to implement some remaining clauses with early phase.

In the Mos, Sub-Clause 4.3 for the Amendments of Article 280 and the Sixteen schedule to the Constitution as per the Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Amendment) Bill, 2019 to improve the financial resources and administrative powers of BTC has been initiated. The Constitution Amendment Bill was introduced in Parliament in January, 2019 and accordingly the students union ABSU urged the government to introduce the amendment bill and pass it for the better economic development in the Bodoland Territorial Region.


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