Special Mop-Up Vaccination Drive Underway In Chirang


Kajalgaon (Chirang), October 7: With the objective of covering 100 percent first dose vaccination in the district, the Chirang district administration has started a special mop-up vaccination drive from Thursday for vaccinating its all targeted beneficiaries.

Considering its urgency, it has set up a good number of covid vaccination centres on October 7 and 8 at Runikata area, Panbari area on October 8 and 9, October 9 and 10 at Ouguri area, October 10 and 11 at Ulubari area and on October 11 and 12 at Bengtal area where sizeable number of people are still to be vaccinated as per the report of the district health department.

It is found that some people of the district are still reluctant to come to the vaccination centres due to lack of awareness and misinformation. The district administration has already held meetings with political leaders, religious leaders and community elders at different places and explained the efficacy of vaccines and pointed out that frontline workers had seen nothing adverse reactions after taking jabs.

It has also carried out a massive awareness drive, including mobile miking across the district to make the public aware of the safety aspects as well as to bring the people to vaccination centres for vaccinating all eligible beneficiaries before the forthcoming puja festival.

Apart from government hospitals and Public Health Centres, educational institutions have also been identified for administering the vaccines for those days.

Meanwhile, it has engaged field staff and functionaries of some departments concerned to communicate to the actual beneficiaries. The district administration has also appealed to the people who are still reluctant to come forward for taking covid vaccine, as it is safe and painless.

So far the district has vaccinated 81 percent of the eligible people with the first dose and 22 percent with the second dose against its 3,42,951 targeted population.