Stranded Medical Student Drithiman Reaches Kokrajhar Home From Ukraine


KOKRAJHAR, MAR 5: Amidst ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, a medical student of Uzhhorod National University of Ukraine reached safely at his Kokrajhar Baganshali residence on Friday in Kokrajhar which has brought a happy moment for the family members.

The student was identified as Drithiman Victor Bhuyan, son of Dilip Bhuyan and Sulochana Brahma of Kokrajhar ward no. 7 (Baganshali), who was the final year student of medical science of Uzhhorod National University in Ukraine.

Drithiman Victor Bhuyan while talking exclusively with NKTV told that he along with other Indian students were stranded in the Ukraine due to war and faced with several hard situations like foods, currency for some days. He said that the situation was very tough as today he is getting so happy reached in his home.

He said that he and his other colleagues had to take shelter in Hungary state where Indian embassy offered them food, hospitality and later safely reached to New Delhi on Wednesday and accordingly reached at his own home in Kokrajhar.

Bhuyan extended his gratitude and thanks to the Indian embassy and government of India for taking bold initiative for rescuing the stranded students in Ukraine.

“I am very much happy now as I reached out my birth place Kokrajhar”, Drithiman said.

Family members have expressed their happiness after their son safely reached at the home front Ukraine.