The commission is not formed only for exclusion, public should not misunderstand: Kwrwmdao Wary


Kokrajhar, Oct 15:  For the implementation of clause 3.2 of the BTR accord of 27 January 2020 the Commission of Inclusion and Exclusion was formed on 25 September. The assistant general Secretary of All Bodo Students Union (ABSU) Kwrwmdao Wary appealed to the public not to misunderstand that the formation of the commission is not only for exclusion. We All Bodo Students Union (ABSU)  agree with the commission and we did welcome he said yesterday in an exclusive interview.

As per the accord, the Commission was formed according to the Sixth Scheduled of Paragraph 14 of Indian Constitution and some powers are given in Paragraph 14. The Commission will look into the matter of area extension and the Commission could exclude those villages of the border area of BTR those who do not want to be the part of BTR. The reason for adding area Exclusion in the accord was to exclude the areas of the border of BTR, especially non-Bodo area. But people should not misunderstand that this commission is formed only for area exclusion, Kwrwmdao Wary said.  In this regard, Kwrwmdao Wary also said that we All Bodo Students Union (ABSU) would like to appeal you that our Bodo people, tribal communities and villages should not understand that this commission was formed only for area exclusion. Because there also the inclusion of area, the area extension and increase of constituencies of BTR.  “There will be 60 constituencies in BTR it is mentioned in the accord the existing 40 constituencies will increase to 60 so to increase constituency, area extension is very much significant the Govt of Assam and Govt. of India have a deep understanding on it so they included it in the Accord”, said Wary.

Since the BTR accord signed on 27 January 2020 and after the formation of Commission many people have been alleging that the more existing area of BTR will be curved, through the Commission. Kwrwmdao Wary said the main aim of this commission is to extend the area, the All Bodo Student Union  (ABSU) will observe on it that’s why our Tribal communities, Bodo community and other living in border areas should not rush into this provision. The Commission can not implement all the things itself therefore people should not concern seriously on this matter, he added.

“We don’t know about Anjali Daimary how she is aware of the provisions of the Constitution because this provision is being brought through the power of the Constitution. We need area extension, their allegations will not be significant”, said Wary. There is the main objective of the accord Augmentation of Area and Powers which refers to Geographical area, Political area if it is compared to rule it refers to the Territorial areas. Therefore this is rue that the area extension will be made through the Commission in BTR for sure. Someone’s allegations on the Commission is unconstitutional and Anjali Daimary does not know about the provisions of the Sixth Scheduled, Kwrwmdao Wary told reporters. 

On behalf of the ABSU Kwrwmdao Wary also criticize the culprits those who felted stone at the Car of Pramod Boro President of United People’s Party Liberal (UPPL) under the Debargaon Constituency. He appealed to the general public this kind of activities should not occur in the near future.


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