Training For Counting Personnel Kicked Off In Chirang 


KOKRAJHAR, APRIL 26: The four day training programme of the counting personnel to be engaged in the counting of votes for 31-Sidli (ST) Legislative Assembly Constituency (LAC) under Chirang election district was kicked off on Monday at Kajalgaon.

On the first day, the training was held for the supervisors and counting assistants who will be attached with counting of postal ballot papers and ETPBS (Electronically Transmitted Postal Ballot System) during the counting process under D Kochary, Assistant Director, Handloom and Textile, Chirang and MR Choudhury, Engineer, Sidli Development Block as district level master trainer and assembly level master trainer.

As per schedule for the training, on April 27, 28 and 29, 2021, training for counting supervisors, counting assistants and micro observers will be imparted on how to count the votes from the polled Electronic Voting Machines(EVM).

All together 75 counting personnel like counting supervisors, counting assistants and micro observers were appointed in the district.

The training was attended by Additional Deputy Commissioner Nirmali Baruah, Election Officer Partha Pratim Baruah, Rakhisri Lekharu, Assistant Commissioner and other officials of Chirang district administration.