UPPL, BJP has a Secret Understanding for BTC Election: Hagrama Mohilary


KOKRAJHAR, NOV 21:  Bodoland People’s Front (BPF) chief Hagrama Mohilary has alleged that the UPPL and BJP parties have been maitaining secret understanding with seat sharing to be voted in power in the BTC council elections scheduled on December 7 and 10.

Mohilary, who was also former BTC chief has been campaigning for party candidates across the four districts of the BTC council elections.

On Friday, Mohilary addressed at a party meeting held Bank Colony under Debargaon constituency in Kokrajhar said that the ruling BJP party has been maintaining secret understanding with UPPL party to woo the common masses in the BTC council elections. He said that both parties has been trying to enter in the BTC Legislative Assembly by winning majority seats in the election, but their steps couldn’t be come out successful in the region.

He has reacted over the strategy of BJP party’s election campaign in the council region, said that alliance break up or intact with BJP has been in the hands of BJP party itself. He said that he does not know anything about whether it has break up or going alliance intact in today’s juncture.

“If BJP wants to break up alliance with BPF party, it is up to the BJP party, I don’t want to say anymore. If alliance is over, then release out three ministers of BPF party from Assam cabinet”, Mohilary said.

UPPL, BJP has a Secret Understanding in BTC: Hagrama Mohilary

He has expressed his resented over the BJP’s role in BTC council elections as saffron party has been carrying it’s mass campaigning for their party candidates.

He said that BJP would not be able to score good results in the upcoming council elections because peoples are voting in favour of BPF party.

He has expressed his hopeful that his party winning over 30 seats of the 40 member in the BTC council elections.

Notably, BPF party is contesting in 37 seats in the BTC election.

Mohilary informed that BPF party has extended support to the independent candidate Raju Kumar Barman in Fakiragram constituency in Kokrajhar district where BPF had left for BJP party as per the alliance spirit in the state.

He said that his party is getting massive support from all sections of the communities in the region as BPF party was working for all round development of the communities in the region.

On MP Sarania’s reaction, Mohilary denied to make comment on Sarania. He said that every parties are claiming for win in the elections as all are contesting in the BTC council elections.

He said that peoples mandate will be in favour of BPF party in the council elections.

Meanwhile, UPPL candidate for Debargaon constituency Buddadev Mushahary has also seen busy on campaigning in his constituency.

He inaugurated an election office at Haltugaon today.

Mushahary has claimed that this time voters in Debargaon constituency are voting in favour of UPPL party for Parivartan and development services in the region.


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