UPPL Central Office Inaugurates In Kokrajhar


KOKRAJHAR, MAY 7: UPPL president Pramod Boro,who is also BTR CEM formally inaugurated the central office of ruling United People’s Party Liberal (UPPL) today at Thanapara (Ward No.9) in Kokrajhar town.

Notably, the central office of the UPPL party has been shifted to the Thanapara from Bodofa Nwgwr near Paglababa Shivadham of Kokrajhar and accordingly inaugurated the central office today amongst huge presence of party leader and members including Rajya Sabha MP Rwngwra Narzary, MLA Lawrence Islary.

UPPL Supremo Boro said that the party has been working dedicatedly for the welfare and development of the society.

He said that the UPPL party is a committed party for the wellbeing of the society and accordingly dedicating it’s services.

” We(UPPL) are working with deeply with funds arriving from the governments meant for the welfare and development of the society”,he said.

On a question regarding the political scenerio in Bodoland region, UPPL supremo Boro said that there is no any politically changing as opposition BPF party has been claiming about to form government in BTR.

He said that the UPPL led UPPL-BJP-GSP alliance government is going on smooth with integrity towards the welfare and upift of the common masses with integrity spirit.

“There is no any chance to form government claimed by Opposition BPF party.We are fully confidence that alliance party’s members are intact with the government under the spirit of healthy integration and united”, Boro said.

He has accused that the previous BPF ruled BTC government had been indulged massive corruption as misappropriation in the region during their 17 rule in the government.

He said that the BPF party’s claim with making fabricated statements are totally baseless and politically motivated steps to create confusion and chaostic among the society in the region.