UPPL exudes winning majority seats in BTC election


KOKRAJHAR, SEP 14: President of United People’s Party Liberal(UPPL) Pramod Boro has reiterate that his party is winning majority seats of the 40 member house of the BTC Legislative Assembly in the ensuing BTC general elections.
Boro,who was also former president of All Bodo Students Union(ABSU) here today before the media persons said that this time peoples from all walks of life are coming forward to extend support and voting in favour of UPPL party in the council elections to meet Parivartan and develop deep development in the region.
He has accused BPF president Hagrama Mohilary whose party is contesting in 37 seats in the council, but Mohilary has been claiming to win in all 40 seats of the council.
“Mohilary is a person who always wants to comment unnecessary and joking remarks in his life.Putting unnecessary statements and remarks are the hobby of Mohilary, so Hagrama is Hagrama”, said Pramod Boro.
Boro has alleged that the BPF party has failed to work for the welfare and development of the common masses in their 17 year rule in BTAD administration and accordingly now common masses are supporting the UPPL party in the council elections.
He said that people have been deprived of their due rights and welfare aspects in the region due to misrule of the BPF party.
He has assured of good governance and healthy development and welfare initiatives of UPPL party voted to the power in the council.
On the BTC election, Boro said that the council elections are not previous than human lives as present day is going under COVID-19 Pandemic across the state.He has opined that if the situation of Covid comes into normalise then conduct the BTC council elections.
On Journalist welfare steps, Boro has said that his party has been giving due respect towards the media fraternities in the BTC region and accordingly the party has emphasized to accord 10 crores of funds under the name of journalists welfare board to extend support and welfare activities for the journalist in days to coming. He said that UPPL party is fully committed to implement the assurance and promises putting in the election manifesto in near future.
On Monday, UPPL president Boro has also addressed an election campaign at Taranguri for party Lazu Mushahary of Salakati constituency in Kokrajhar district.
He has urged all sections of citizens to vote in favour of UPPL party to meet Parivartan and development for a bright future in days to coming.


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