UPPL Slams BPF Over Allah Remarks Politics


KOKRAJHAR, NOV 1: The United People’s Party Liberal (UPPL) has slammed BPF for using Allah words to gain it’s political attraction to woo common voters ahead the BTR election in the region. UPPL party strongly criticised the BPF party for Allah remarks in their election campaigning and termed that BPF party has a fearing of massive defeats.

Addressing the reporters today at a press conference held at Kokrajhar Press Club, former BTC MCLAs and vice presidents of UPPL party Afjal Haque Sarkar and Abdul Ali Mondol have come down heavily on BPF president Hagrama Mohilary and several leaders who have been indulging Allah words in their BTR election campaigning since few days ago and remarking unnecessary words to woo the common masses for their political gaining up spirit.

Notably recently, BPF chief Mohilary and some BPF leaders had put remarkable words that if minority peoples casts their votes in favour of UPPL party in the ensuing BTR elections, the Allah (God) would not forgive their life.

UPPL leaders while addressing Press Conference in Kokrajhar

UPPL leaders Sarkar and Mondal strongly questions that how the political party can use Allah words in their election campaigning language as BPF party leaders had been indulging among the citizens.

They said that it was totally disregard to the particular community in the name of politics whichever seen unwanted remarks and comments.

They have urged BPF leaders including BPF chief Hagrama Mohilary to stop use remarks on “Beef eating and use of Allah words for vote seeking in the name of election politics in the BTR region.

They said BPF party is fearing massive defeat in the ensuing BTR elections, so now a days BPF leaders are indulging unnecessary remarks and comments to gain their party strategies in the region. “BPF has totally failed to work for the welfare and development of the citizens in their 17 year rule in BTR region”, they said.

They said that BPF chief Hagrama Mohilary, who was also former BTC chief has only trying to attract the common masses by taking little cares of the minority peoples ahead the BTR election.

UPPL party is winning majority seats of the 40 member in the BTR legislative assembly in the ensuing BTR elections.

Sarkar said that the UPPL party was working for all round development and integration among the society since it’s inception.

He said that UPPL party is winning majority seats in the BTR area and forming the BTR legislative assembly.

“Peoples are voting in favour of UPPL party for Parivartan and massive development in the region to meet good governance”, Sarkar added.

UPPL slams BPF over Allah remarks politics

Meanwhile, Assam Social welfare minister and senior BPF leader Pramila Rani Brahma has expressed her hopeful that her BPF party is gaining up its mass popularity among the society, said that BPF is winning majority seats.

She said that BPF and BJP parties are contesting friendly in the ensuing BTR elections. However, she maintained that BPF party is still alliance with BJP at state and centre.

She said that BPF party is getting massive support from the common masses in the ensuing BTR elections.


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