UPPL will form BTC council with winning majority seat, Pramod says


KOKRAJHAR, OCT 6: President of United People’s Party Liberal (UPPL) Pramod Boro  said that his party is winning majority seats of the 40 member house of the BTC Legislative Assembly in the ensuing general elections to the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC).
Even though, the dates of the BTC election is yet to be declared from state election commission, various political parties including UPPL, BPF, Congress, BJP, AIUDF, GSP are seeing busy in their election campaigning in support of their party candidates across the four districts of BTAD region.

UPPL party is contesting in 40 seats, BPF 37, GSP 35, BJP 26, Congress 13, AIUDF in 7 constituencies of 40 member house of the BTC Legislative Assembly.

On Tuesday, UPPL chief Boro addressed a party meeting at Karigaon Gwjwn Pwthar under Salakati constituency in Kokrajhar district for party candidate Lazu Mushahary said that peoples from all walks of life in the BTC region are coming forward to extend support and voting in favour of UPPL party for massive Parivartan and development in the council region. He said that UPPL will dedicate for all round development and welfare for the citizens in the region if they voted to the power in the council elections. He has claimed that UPPL party is winning majority seats in the council elections to form next council.

Boro has alleged that BPF party had indulged massive corruption and anomalies in their 17 year rule in BTAD administration. He said that BPF party never think welfare and development for the common masses. Boro has expressed his hopeful that regional parties in the state will devote their dedication for the welfare and development of the citizens in coming days. He has urged all regional parties of the state to beat national parties with united force.

UPPL president Pramod Boro while addressing party meeting at Karigaon Gwjwn Pwthar in Kokrajhar

On Hathras gang rape and murder case, Boro strongly condemned the incident and demanded strict punishment to the involved culprits. He has urged government and concern authorities to take stern step against the crimes on women and girls across the country.

UPPL candidate for Salakati constituency, Lazu Mushahary expressed his hopeful that he is getting last laugh from Salakati constituency in the council elections as citizens from all sections of the society are voting in favour of UPPL party. He said that he will dedicate deeply for youth and women empowerment in the regional if voted to the power. He said that peoples are wanting Parivartan and development, so this time common masses are extending support to the UPPL party.


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