Walking Man Gauri Shangkhar Kalita Arrives In Kokrajhar


KOKRAJHAR, MAR 26: A 25-year-old, walking man who was identified as Gauri Shangkhar Kalita of Darrang district today reached at Kokrajhar town on his bare-foot after crossing several districts.

Kalita has started his walking journey on 24th December (2021) from Darrang the to make awareness on conservation of one-horned Rhino, environment protection,blood donation, awareness on drugs among all society across the state.

Kalita has far crossed several 27 districts and left seven districts within few days.

Kalita today arrived at Kokrajhar town from Bilasipara, Dhubri district via Putkibari through the JD Road.

He said that he has been walking on his bare-foot to make spreading of awareness on rhino, nature conservation, drugs and blood donation etc.

He said that he is staying night in Kokrajhar today and tomorrow morning moving for Chirang district.

He informed that he walks 40 kilometers everyday. He has thanked DGP Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta, SPs of the districts across the state for their extending support on his walking mission.