WPTBC Minister Chandan Brahma Expressed His Concerns About the Upcoming Election and MP Biswajit Daimary


WEB DESK, Nov 11: In recent interview with Chandan Brahma, WPTBC Minister expresses his concerns about the upcoming (Bodoland Territorial Council) BTC election and MP Biswajit Daimary. He said that the Bodoland People’s Front (BPF) party always have and always will respect to every religion, caste and community of people.

“In a very calm and compose way BPF party is moving forward under the leadership of Hagrama Mohilary”, Brahma said.

In past, BTC regions were the most backward and underdeveloped areas after the establishment of BTC and BPF party the growth of development has increased in many different fields.

“I think I’m very thankful and fortunate that I’m a member of BPF party” – he added

Biswajit Daimary who is such a strong leader of BPF party is belief to join BJP to be a central minister in his near future. 

He thinks that the position and power he hold right now might not be what a great leader should deserve to have and If he is ready to resign from BPF party we are to facilitate him. He went three times infornt of Rajya Sabha on behalf of BPF party but unfortunately couldn’t be a central minister.

Dr. Himata Biswa Sarma guarantees that he would make sure to make Biswajit Daimary a central minister. If he can’t be a central minister even after joining BJP than Biswajit Daimary can never be a central minister or minister in his lifetime. In the other hand he shall definitely go to dustbin. – (According to Chandan Brahma)

It’s nothing new if people walk IN and OUT from BPF party.

It’s all rumour which have no truth and reality to it. In real everything is on the hand of public. In a democratic country the formation of BPF party was established in a democratic way. The people of BTC have already decided that in the upcoming BTC election Hagrama Mohilary will be the chief of BTC once again. 

Dr. Himata Biswa Sarma came for campaigns in the BTC and Udalguri areas but half of the people are from Darang and Sonitpur regions. With very humble way we request let the people of BTC take the decision. Dr. Himata Biswa Sarma is not a voter of BTC and coming to every BTC election and the things he says actually doesn’t suit to his mouth.

“After Hagrama Mohilary became Chief of BTC,  the area is now a very peaceful place as compare to before whereas the place used to be very violent place”, Brahma said.

“In the name of election one should not create a quarrelling situation and speak unnecessary things to proke the society and the people. As it’s not a sign of any responsible intellectual man”, Brahma added.


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