WTI Organised Exposure Visits For The Members Of Eco Development Committee To Manas NP


Kokrajhar, Feb 15: A two days exposure visit to Manas National Park was organised for the members of Eco Development Committee for  learning and sharing of experiences and building the relationships between people and the park.

The exposure tour was organised by Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) jointly with Forest Department, BTR.

The objective of the two days visit is sharing and learning of various conservation activities and building the relationships between the park and the people.

Altogether 38 participants from the fringe villages of Kuklung and Amteka Range of Manas participated in the exposure program. The select members of the EDCs were brought to visit the Bansbari area with an objective to see the difference between a well-managed park and a newly created park.

Sanatan Deka of WTI, Kaushik Deb  of WTI along with Assam Gaurav DD Boro, DCF (Retd), Jasim Ahmed, ACF, Manas Tiger Reserve lead the team as mentors.

The First Addition to Manas National Park covering 350 Sq Km was notified in August, 2016. However, the fringe villagers largely depend upon the forest resources for their sustenance and livelihoods. Therefore, WTI jointly with Forest Department initiated the formation of EDC in the First Addition and till date there are 17 EDCs formed during 2019 to 2021, a official said.